Gorilla Stonefly: package of 6 Flies

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Gorilla Stonefly: package of 6 Flies
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Stoneflies are classified in the order Plecoptera, and represent a giant bite of food to a trout. The californica or salmonfly hatches in the early part of the season, often overlapping high runoff. If the runoff is low, the salmonfly hatch can be one of the most memorable hatches that you can ever fish. The bugs are big, and the fish become stupid. The Gorilla Stonefly is very effective for the salmonfly hatch.

Additionally, this fly also acts as a very effective strike indicator, and will float with multiple tungsten bead nymphs trailing behind.
Sold as a package of 6 flies

Note: This product contains wildlife, which cannot be exported beyond the U.S. and its territories.

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