Jumbo Juju Chironomid - Zebra

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Product Description

While most Chironomids (midges) are small, there are some that are BIG! Imagine the oxymoron: Big Midge!

The Jumbo Juju Chironomid - Zebra has a beautifully segmented body and gill tufts.

If you fish this on stillwater, position a strike indicator above the fly so that the fly lies just over a weed bed. Midges swim upwards, so give a twitch to the line occasionally.

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Great Pattern!
Raff | May 26th, 2010
I recently purchased several of these flies for use in eastern Washington's desert lakes. Chironomids (midge pupa) are a staple for trout here and I was convinced they'd work. Wow, did they! When all of our usual snow cone patterns slowed, these continued to get steady, aggressive takes. The grey body with black rib is a near-exact replica of our most common chironomids. The flashback and red butt give an extra touch, one that we feel contributed to this pattern's success. The material is highly durable.....I've caught dozens of fish now on the same fly.