Doug's Dodger Damsel - Tan

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Product Description

Common to many western lakes, ponds, and reservoirs, the Damselfly is a primary food source for hungry trout throughout the months of June, July and August. The Dodger Damsel is a truly unique pattern designed specifically for use with fast-sink or sinking tip lines. Similar to one of iconic fly fisherman Gary LaFontaine's favorite stillwater patterns, the Dodger Damsel uses the buoyance of closed-cell foam to allow the nymph-imitation to hang at various levels in the water column before trying to "dodge" down to the protective cover of weed beds. Fish the Dodger Damsel in ten to fifteen feet of water and let it rise in the water column before giving a few short, quick strips to pull it towards the bottom. Repeat this motion until your rod bends and your reel sings!

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