Doug's Ascender Baetis Emerger

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Product Description

The most common Mayfly to all western rivers and streams is the Baetis, more commonly called a Blue-Winged Olive; so, no fly box can be complete without a good selection of Baetis patterns to cover the various stages of this important Mayfly's life cycle. The Ascender is designed to imitate the Baetis as it begins to breakout of its nymphal shuck. The Ascender can be fished as a straight nymph, an emerger rising up through the water column at the end of your drift, or in the film as the dropper behind a Blue-Winged Olive (dry). The Ascender is an all-purpose pattern that can be fished all year-round, but it's particularly effective in the spring and late summer when Baetis hatches are the main staple for hungry trout!

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Can't Wait
Roy Nunn | December 9th, 2013
Too cold to fish, but can't wait. Well tied, right price, should perform very well. Great service, my go to source for flies.

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