Mothbear Bum Box Chubby Magnetic Fly Box System

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Mothbear Bum Box Chubby Magnetic Fly Box System
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Product Description

A new way to store and carry your flies. The Bum Box Chubby is the first release of the fly box and magnetic clip system by Mothbear. This box offers a simple functional system to store your flies and tackle while keeping them in close reach. Simply wear the clip wherever you see fit and connect the box! The box and clip each house an extremely strong neodymium magnet. These two components mate up perfectly and hold together with a tremendous amount of pull force. The box is buoyant and water resistant and offers an adequate amount of storage space. The magnetic clip is a multi-functional tool on it's own. Simply clip it to your belt, pocket, hat, bag, or any other object and it will provide an immediate docking area for the box and other tools that are compatible with a magnets. 

  • Clip Weight: 1.5oz
  • Clip Dimensions: 2.75" x 1" x 0.375"
  • Box Weight: 1.9oz
  • Box Dimensions: 3.75" x 2.75" x 1'

NOTE: package includes 1 fly box and 1 magnetic clip.

DISCLAIMER: It is required that the buyer reads and understands these instructions before using the Bum Box System. They buyer must agree that they are responsible for any damage to the magnets and or injuries incurred by improper handling of the Bum Box System. If the Magnets become dislodged from any Bum Box component, please contact MothBear at [email protected]

WARNING: Both small and large magnets can pose dangers to children and adults. Mishandling of magnets in these products may cause serious bodily injury or damage to property if handled incorrectly. Keep all magnets away from people who are wearing electronic medical implants or other medical devices. Keep magnets away from electronic items that are sensitive to magnetic field such as but not limited to CRT TVs & monitors, credit or debit cards, hard drives, or magnetic tape. 

CAUTION: When handling exposed magnets always wear gloves and eye protection. Always keep magnets 2 feet apart from each other or steel items to avoid them becoming attracted to objects and behaving unpredictably. 

MAGNETS ARE FRAGILE AND MAY CAUSE INJURY:  All magnets are brittle and will break if they are allowed to collide with a magnetic surface or each other. Shards produced from broken magnets are very sharp and can be ejected from collisions. WEAR EYE PROTECTION AND GLOVES WHEN HANDLING LARGER OR POWERFUL MAGNETS THAT ARE EXPOSED. Handle exposed magnets with care. Magnets are not considered toys and should be kept out of the reach of children. All small magnets are considered a choke hazard and can be lethal if swallowed. Seek immediate medical attention if any magnets are swallowed. Any magnet larger than ¾” in any dimension are classified as large magnets. These products contain LARGE magnets. Large magnets are not to be treated as toys. Harm can come to you if you don’t use caution when handling exposed magnets. Despite appearance, magnets are easily broken. If broken use caution when handling. 

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