Fishing Butler Ultimate Rod Ties - 2 Pack

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Have you ever noticed what a tangled mess your fly rods, reels & line become during transportation? Did you ever wonder how much time is wasted untangling that mess of rods, reels & lines after you arrive?

Fishing Butlers are little stretchy foam-filled shock cord loops with a locking device that you can use to securely hold one or several rigged rods together. The foam filling at the end of the loop allows you to cinch the loop down tightly around your rods without risk of damage to the rod finish.

Two Fish Butlers are included: one for each end of the Fly Rod.

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Verified Buyer
The best product to come in a long time.
Reno Angler. | February 17th, 2011
I used to tie my rods together with strips of velcro that I cut myself. But this product will replace that system forever. The fishing butler is simple yet very effective. I bought four, then four more. Eventually, there will be one for each of my rods, I just can't afford to buy 40 of them right now.
Verified Buyer
Pam Milroy, Sedona Az | February 17th, 2011
These are GREAT!! We buy more whenever we find them at a sports show. We have all sizes and use them for rods to sleeping bags. GET THEM FOR YOURSELF!!
Verified Buyer
Rod Butler rod tiers
Bob | March 7th, 2011
We bought some of these for our salmon rods at the Portland Sportsman's Show. Really work great and probably last longer then rubber bands. Also the price is reasonable. We looked at another setup that was good but cost over double to do the same thing as the Rod Butler.

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