Pheasant Tail - Bead Head Flashback
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    There are over 600 mayfly nymph species, of which most are brown, and very similar in appearance to the Pheasant Tail Nymph. 

     Originally tied by Frank Sawyer, this pattern has been tweaked over the years, and continues to catch amazing numbers of fish. Keep a good selection of this trout fly.

    The Beadhead Flashback Pheasant Tail is best fished as an emerger and matches the Hatch of the following Mayflies:
    • Baetis
    • Dark Green Drake
    • Flav or Lesser Green Drake
    • Green Drake - Western
    • Green Drake - Eastern
    • Grey Drake
    • Hendrickson 
    • Pale Morning Dun
    • Pink Lady or Slate Brown Nymph
    • Quill Gordon
    • Red Quill
    • Sulphur Dun
    • White Winged Sulfur Dun

    Additionally, it works well as a Midge imitation!